Smeye World Exclusive Sakura M9E Release 1.7.21 NOON EST!

Smeye World Exclusive Sakura M9E Release 1.7.21 NOON EST!

Smeye World Exclusive Sakura M9E Release 1.7.21 NOON EST!

We are so thrilled to be releasing Sakura M9E this week! The colorway was first hand painted by the Klav (one of our favorite artists you can find him on IG @klav9) and then sent to the Pure Arts factory to be interpreted for production. This process gives Sakura a very original/natural feel compared to many other designs which are often submitted to the factory digitally. It's genuinely some of the best weathering on a production toy we have ever seen.

We have the first 30 units on hand ready to ship to the early birds! The remaining units are on the way by sea and will ship to our customers next month. Below is everything you need to know for the launch and an excerpt from Klav himself! 

Sakura M9E 

M9E Designed By Daytoner

Sakura colorway by Klav

Produced By Pure Arts 

Smeye World Exclusive 

Limited to 250 pieces worldwide

Early Link (it will read sold out until the launch 1.7.21 NOON EST):

"When I received the blank Master 9 Eyes, I left it untouched for a few days. I wanted to find a scheme that would work on the form, and also pay tribute to Daytoner’s design, which was obviously influenced by Japanese culture. I ended up with an abstract version of Sakura (cherry) blossoms falling in a blue sky. Reminiscent of a trip that my wife and I took to Mt Fuji a few years ago. The scheme also references my background as a scale modeler by uses a popular airplane camouflage style from WWII. My hand painting style of heavy weathering and grime was purposely subdued to not make the form too complicated and allowing the focus to be drawn to specific features. The production paint exactly duplicated my hand painted master on the toy." - Klav 

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