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Smeye Donatello Ducky Hunt Soda POP! Mystery Box

 ** Smeye Donatello Ducky Hunt Soda POP! Mystery Box**
When: Right here!
$25 Box 200 boxes
Come one come all the the ultimate
Ducky hunt for Metallic Donatello SDCC!
Box includes: One POP! & one random SEALED Funko Vinyl Soda

Sodas  have 1/6 chance at chase (we have a pretty solid array of sodas set aside so there will be plenty of variety including some new ones like Stan Lee, Rat Fink, Prince John and many more!)

We will put some chase POP!s in and some worth $20-$40 but mostly commons from $7-$15 will be used for the POP! YOU CAN ORDER UP TO 2 PER


Rules Of Smeye Mystery

1. The odds are not in your favor. We try to keep the largest amount of high end pops we possibly can in every mystery. Trust that we are committed to that but the only way this works is that the odds of you getting a “victory pop” are far less than getting a common. If you have been in the Funko community for some time weʼre sure you are accustomed to this but we just want to state it clearly.

2. Everybody gets a POP, this is not a raffle. This is a mystery contest and we will try to sprinkle in as many treats as we can. This is supposed to be fun for everybody. Honestly this site wouldnʼt exist if it wasnʼt for Mystery contests. The fun we have had participating in events like these created nagging passion to do our own. So here we are, lets have fun!

3. You can enter as many times as you want but every entry must be a NEW SINGLE UNIT PURCHASE, YOU CAN NOT BUY TWO OR MORE TICKETS AT ONCE. You can get back in line and buy ONE AT A TIME.

4. POP protectors are provided for more valuable pops although we will ship and handle every POP with care.

5. This is completely random. They are packaged before any shipping labels are printed. We do everything in our power to make this as random as possible. We encourage any winner to share on social media and look forward to being/creating a community of people enjoying themselves.

6. Every spot in the contest has to fill in order for this to work. If for some reason we fail to fill a mystery contest your money will be refunded in full. The maximum amount of time we will allow a contest to run is one week. We hope to engage enough people much faster than that and have your pops out to you as soon as possible.

7. Letʼs Boogie.