Do all item’s ship in free Pop Protectors?

Free protectors are  limited to ALL 4” standard size POP!’s over $40. We want all of our orders to arrive in a condition that makes our customers more than pleased. If a singlge size POP! does not come with a free protector, one will be offered for $1 per item. We do not offer oversized protectors but we will use them for higher value items if we happen to have them in stock. 

Why should I shop here?

We’re a small honest company that is going to take personal care of you. We have now been in business for over half a decade. We have great feedback on social media platforms and pride ourselves on customer service. Often you will be able to talk directly to one of the owners if you have any questions or concerns. We’re here to find customers we can treat like family. We want to create an atmosphere that makes you feel not only safe when ordering but convenient and fun as well. Supporting any honest small business is always great thing to do, we work hard to earn trust and show our customers that supporting our business is a win.

Do We Buy Collections?

Yes we do buy collections depending on the size and quality of the collection.  Please find the Contact Us link in the footer of the homepage or find us on social media to inquire! 

Why should I Pre-Order anything?

There are 3 basic reasons to Pre-Order. One is because something’s limited and will sell out. Another reason is to ensure the condition of your boxes will be looked at by human eyes and at Smeye World, your items are placed in a Popshield Protectors when it is deemed undamaged. Lastly you support small business and get your order secured all in one go. It arrives safely at your door as promptly as possible and the goal is everyone is happy. Please see our Pre-Order policy here.

How quickly do you ship items?

If your entire order is In-Stock, we will try our best to ship no later than 72 hours after purchase. We are a small company and sometimes this can be a little longer if we have a super heavy load that week but mostly should not be a problem. Keep in mind this is not for Pre-Order’s which will follow this policy as soon as they arrive, Pre-Order’s arrival are dependent on the distributor and not us. Many Pre-Orders can take 30-90 days to arrive but as soon as we get them we do our best to rush them out.

I’ve noticed you list #/10 ratings on some of your Vaulted/In-Stock Items, what does that mean?

That is generally referring to box condition but also the condition of the item itself. We generally never use a number above an 8/10 to describe even the most perfect boxes. The last thing we want is to overinflate the condition of something and have you disappointed when it arrives. If you’re extremely picky about damage, we recommend staying above a 7.5/10 but anything above a 7 shouldn’t have major damage.

Do You Ship Worldwide?

Yes, we ship all around the World. We have shipped to over 30+ countries with great results. We generally package our international items with even more protection because we’re aware that your package will be often in transit longer and we want your items to arrive safely.