Smeye World: A hyper fresh way to say “It’s my world”.

The name Smeye World dates back all the way to freshman year of high school. It was a fictitious company our co-founder created that never truly existed until now. The reason we chose to name this company Smeye World is because it's an ode to younger dreams, nostalgia, fun and inside jokes. All things we still cherish and want to represent in this company. 

We are constantly trying to share with people the care and service we would want given to us. We strive to remain playful and unique.
At Smeye World you will quickly see our devotion to collecting and over the top quality when it comes to packaging. The majority of our orders go out in protectors, each item is bubbled individually and/or double boxed. These are things you will not see from big box stores or many smaller retailers. However, what we really want you to know is that we’re humans that love to create and stay fresh. Whether it’s custom designed figures, all in house graphics, limited edition mystery boxes or just down right fun, we are constantly pushing our limits. This is not only a store, it’s a place for us to come together with our customers and continue to perfect our craft. Lastly, communication is a cornerstone of our business. Whether it be on social media or via email, we are always here for you. Questions, concerns and conversations are always welcome. We want to form bonds and relationships with our customers and make them feel valued as not only a customer but a person as well. We appreciate all the support and never want to take anyone for granted. Thank you so much for being here and we hope our standards want you to return!